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''The videos are great, I’ve found them very useful. Just as good, if
not better at times, than in person instructions. It’s helpful to be
able to re-watch them as much as I need to. Thanks again!'' Izabela


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They say! ...for every hour we spend in the water we are only standing on the deck of the board for sometimes less than a minute? A MINUTE!?! what other sportsman/woman, musician, artist, basically anyone who wants to actually get good at anything does that? You wouldn't catch a boxer going down the gym, hitting the bag for 60 seconds, then walking off shouting 'nice one Barry I'm done now, see ya tomorrow' would take a musician 3 to 4 days to get through a song!!!  by going through the body mechanics that we use when surfing for just a few minutes a day we can dramatically improve our technique.

...ok rant over. Thanks for reading









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